LogiChem operates as a total service provider under a solid quality management system.

The quality and reliability of the Company’s products and services are everyone’s concern, not just the responsibility of one person. The integration of quality into the Company’s products and services commences with the first client contact and continues through the development of the ongoing relationship to ensure the final product meets our client’s expectations and needs.

Every stage of the production and service process is critical to the quality of the finished job. The skill, accuracy and commitment of the person carrying out their job is their contribution to quality. Our aim is to ensure that each job is perfect first time as this is the key to quality production and service, cost reduction, productivity and client satisfaction.

Therefore, any quality problems arising shall be identified and resolved with speed, technical efficiency and economy. Our Quality Management system is designed to be dynamic and responsive to the changing environment in which we operate.

These broad principles are the basis of our absolute commitment to product and service quality. Our team actively supports these principles and is conscious of the standards we aim to maintain at all times.

Working Safely

The most effective way to protect workers is to minimize their exposure through engineering controls, good work practices and training, and the use of personal protective clothing and equipment, including respirators where required.

Engineering controls include material substitution, isolation, process/equipment modification and local ventilation. Some fundamental and easily implemented work practices are good housekeeping, appropriate personal hygiene practices, periodic inspection and maintenance of process and control equipment, proper procedures to perform a task, and appropriate supervision to ensure that the proper procedures are followed.

LogiChem’s aims are to provide:

General Site Responsibilities

All personnel must take reasonable care for their own health and safety and avoid risking the health and safety of other people. This includes:

Safe Workplace

LogiChem is committed to providing a safe place of work for its employees/contractors, to ensuring that employees/contractors work safely at all client operations and to ensuring that the environment is adequately protected.

To achieve this overall objective, LogiChem ensures that health and safety management is integrated into day-to-day company activities.

  1. The administrative, technical and human factors which influence health and safety performance are identified and effectively managed.
  2. Our health and safety management system is implemented and continually improved to maximize health and safety performance, minimise risk and ensure ongoing compliance with relevant legislative requirements.

These policy objectives are achieved by: